Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Hitting - Social Story

This is the social story I have to teach my autistic son not to hit his sister. I got this information from my son's Behavioral Therapist through the school system. I hope this is able to be printed and used by parents and educators to teach the child not to hit. I have meant to have this uploaded at an earlier post but my scanner was not working.

What is a social story? It is a simple picture story that helps use a visual way of teaching an autistic child how to do something or show how others feel. It consists of:

1. Descriptive sentences show information about specific social situations or settings. They provide what the person sees, who is involved, and what happens.

2. Perspective sentences describe the feelings, emotions, thoughts, and/or mood of others. This is the way a situation is viewed by someone else. Children with autism have difficulties understanding how others see things.

3. Directive sentences provide the autistic child with information about what they should try to do and be successful in that situation.

4. Control sentences provide the autistic child with how to control their emotions. In this case with my son. His anger and wanting to hit his sister.

I think the picture scanned will be able to take to full screen and zoomed for a better look and to be printed. Hope this helps for those who have been asking.

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